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Come with us and explore Thai cuisine by getting to know Junjira Restaurant and Takeaway and the most popular Thai dishes we proudly serve. If you’re particularly drawn into Chinese or Indian takeaways, Junjira also offers dishes that may suit your taste. Whether you’re  looking to explore something new for your weekly takeaway or restaurant experience or interested in learning more about our famous dishes….

New Restaurant in Aberdare

Junjira is a new Restaurant in Aberdare that offers some of the world-famous mouth-watering Thai dishes. It was established at the heart of Aberdare last October (2020). Since then, it has received overwhelming support from the locals who love authentic dishes and enjoy discovering new flavourful dishes amid the pandemic. 

If you’ve been to Thailand, chances are you’ve tasted some of the most famous Thai foods during your travels. If you’re missing the taste of spicy green chicken curry or the famous stir-fried Thai noodles, you don’t have to travel a long way now to find and taste your favourite Thai foods. Junjira offers everything from curries that come with rice or chips to famous noodle soups to local Thai salads and unique rice servings. Located at Market Arcade, Duke St, Aberdare, this resto uses healthy and fresh local products in preparing some of the tastiest Thai foods at an affordable price. 

Junjira also caters to those who are suffering from food allergies and vegetarians. Thay offer meatless substitutes like tofu for a healthier meal and tailors the dish according to the customer’s request. Everything is carefully served in the restaurant, but if you’re not able to  dine at the restaurant during the pandemic, there’s still another option that might suit you.

Takeaway Aberdare

If you prefer eating your favourite Thai foods at the comfort of your home, Junjira also provides a takeaway service in Aberdare to accommodate you. By simply placing your order on the website, you’ll be able to taste the flavourful menus of Thailand anytime, anywhere. Your favourite foods are now just one click away.

Many may find this option way safer and secure during this time of the pandemic. Every item is prepared through the highest and hygienic quality standard so you’d be able to enjoy your favourite Thai dishes without putting your life at risk. 

What are the most popular Thai dishes?

Thai cuisine offers a broad spectrum of varying, complex flavours and textures, and every dish is unique and open to different interpretation. It’s one of the world’s best cuisines, so it’s no surprise that its dishes are famous internationally. Some of the most popular Thai dishes that are must-try are the following. 

1. Pad Thai (Stir-fried Thai rice noodles)

This famous Pad Thai is considered as a default international dish of Thailand and is a go-to for tourists who are newbies in Thai cuisine. Its main ingredient is a stir-fried noodles mix alongside crunchy bean sprouts, onion and egg. It oozes with tasty flavour, thanks to the quartet of accompanying condiments- the fish sauce, sugar, chilli powder and roasted or finely ground peanuts. And it comes with a meat of your choice – chicken, prawn and tofu. Pad Thai is perfect for those who enjoy the chinese chicken chow mein. 

2. Kao Pad (Fried rice)

Just as England loves sandwiches, this Thai fried rice is a go-to dish among Thai people, and its name means fried rice. This basic and simple dish made with scented Jasmine rice is typically served with lime and cucumber slices and is a popular dish among locals in Thailand. In Thai, Khao is rice and Pad refers to stir-fried. Thai people often add a twist into it by using either prawns, crab, or chicken to chilli, basil or some left-over vegetables in the process, thus turning a plain dish into a full-flavoured delight. There are two Kao Pad menu options in Junjira, and the difference mainly lies in the meat choice. 

  • Kao Pad Gai (Chicken fried rice)

This stir-fried rice uses chicken and different spices, including onions, spring onions, peas, carrots, eggs, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

  • Kao Pad Khung (Prawn fried rice)

This dish uses the same ingredients with Kao Pad Gai except that it uses tasty prawns instead of chicken. 

3. Gang Keo Waan(Green chicken curry)

Perhaps the most popular curry in Thailand, this dish commonly called Green curry is made from chicken breast, green curry paste, carrots and beans cooked in coconut milk. This dish is best served with steaming rice or Kanom Jeen noodle. 

Thai Curry for Indian Dish Lover

If there’s one thing common in Thai cuisines and Indian dishes aside from condiments, it’s the love for curries. Both Thai and Indian curries use spices like chilli, cumin, pepper and coriander. Another similarity between the two cuisines is coconut milk in curries and fresh coconut with jaggery in desserts. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to the Indian curry you’re craving or something that tastes almost similar to it, try Junjira’s flavourful Thai curries that will satisfy your cravings with its savoury taste.

Gang Keo Waan (Green curry)

This spicy yet sweet green curry is one of the hottest in Thai cuisine. It may look similar to red curry, but it has a signature green colour thanks to the green chillies and paste. This budget-friendly meal can be ordered in Junjira for just £5.99. 

Gang Paa (Jungle curry)

This famous Thai curry has no coconut milk; thus, it is not as creamy and sweet as other dishes. It appears watery, but if you’re in for a curry with a spice that kicks, this dish might suit your taste. You can have a taste of this jungle curry at just £5.99.

Gang Panang

Known as the “sweetest curry”, this popular dish uses green curry paste, peanuts to add flavour and offer the taste of Indian dishes with coconut milk. This is popular to Thais, and it’s available in Junjira for as low as £5.99. 

Massaman curry

This dish is a fusion of Thai and Indian-style curries that uses red-style curry paste and dry whole spices, coconut milk, tamarind juice and roasted peanuts which adds richness and texture to this flavorful dish. You can try this special curry in Junjira for only £5.99.

Thai Stir Fried/ Noodles for Chinese Cuisine Lover

Thai cuisine also has a fair share of Chinese influence, especially regarding the stir-frying and deep-frying cooking techniques and the use of tofu. Many popular Thai dishes were also of Chinese origin, and many noodles were linked to China such as Khanom Jiin, and Guay Tiaw. So if you are a lover of Chinese cuisine, you might also enjoy these Thai dishes from Junjira:

Kad Yad Sai

This stuffed omelette priced at £5.99 comes with a delightful twist of tasty minced pork, onion, carrots, tomato plus tomato sauce making the dish wholesome. 

Gai Thod Krathiem Prik

This stir-fried chicken with garlic and peppercorn is a dish-delight at £5.99. 

Pad Prik Sod

This chicken or beef dish’s budget-friendly pricing is a hit among newbies in Thai cuisine and worth every penny at £5.99. 

Pad Kapoa

From chicken, prawn, minced pork to beef or tofu, this dish comes with the meat of your choice and with some addition of chillies and seasonings that will satisfy your hunger with just £5.99; a very affordable cost. 

Pad Pak

This vegetable dish that comes with chicken or a meatless substitute like tofu and some soy or oyster sauce is a gastronomic delight at the price of £5.99. 

Pad Prik Khing

It’s fried vegetables with the meat of your choice- chicken or tofu and the garlic, soy sauce and oyster sauce giving it an incredible taste at still, an affordable price of £5.99. 

Thai Sweet and Sour

This is another stir-fried chicken dish with a sweet and sour taste, thanks to its special sauce, pineapple, onion, and cucumber and it’s worth a try for its £5.99 price. 

Stir-fried Crispy Chicken with Cashews

It isn’t your ordinary chicken because the crispy meat blended with cashews and chilli paste, onion, garlic and spicy red chillies along with Junjira’s special sauce is a dish worth its price, which is also £5.99. 

So why not try visiting Junjira at Market Arcade in Aberdare and indulge yourself with the newest restaurant in Aberdare. 

We’ll cater to your every dietary need & make sure you fall in love with Thai. 

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