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Our Story of being Aberdare’s only Thai Restaurant & Takeaway.

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My Story...

I’ve always had a passion for Thai food, or all food for that matter! and it’s always been a dream of mine to open my own Thai Restaurant or takeaway. 

Before opening I had previous experience working in catering around aberdare, but whenever given the opportunity I’d love to showcase my authentic Thai dishes, and was always greeted with amazing feedback from family and friends who would encourage me to pursue my dream. 

I knew it was time to listen to everybody and with the help of my loving family who supported me throughout every step of the way we began the planning. 

In October 2020, Junjira Restaurant and Takeaway opened in Aberdare market, I was overwhelmed with the amount of local support the community had given, lovers of Thai food and those who were looking to try something new all came together to support my dream. 

Junjira continues to grow and I’m always looking at new ways to enhance the menu, despite the tough year we’ve had we are so grateful for everything we’ve achieved. 

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Our Mission

To continue to grow and provide Aberdare with delicious Authentic food with the aim to provide delivery & late night dining in the future.

Our History

Having experience in catering before and combining that with my love for Thai, I decided to pursue my dreams and open my own Restaurant.

What We Do

Use natural & local products to create some of Thai's most tasteful dishes with my own unique take on each item.

Our Plans...

Currently we work from the indoor Market Aberdare offering collection services only. 

We’re looking forward to the future with our plans to open our own individual store, which we hope will provide the same Restaurant experience with indoor dining but also allow our customers to have delivery services. 

We’ll also be opening later for takeaway and delivery services in the hopes that we will by then be a fully family-run business.

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